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Christmas Past
Christmas Tree
Dickens' Village
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North Pole
Christmas With Our New Son

You Better Watch out, You better not pout, Santa Clause is coming to town!

Christmas Main

Grandma and Grandpa are coming and Julie's family celebration at Tom and Sheri's.


A quiet Christmas Eve with the family. Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's House.


Gabe's first Christmas with us, Grandma and Grandpa visit. Julie's family celebrate at Kathy and Mike's.


One first Christmas at our new house. We host Julie's family Christmas Celebration.


One last Christmas at our old house. Julie's family celebration at Laura and Craig's House.


Maddy's 1st Christmas . Grandma and Grandpa visit. Celebration at Laura and Craig's


We host Julie's Family Christmas Celebration at our house.


We traveled to South Carolina for Christmas. Kathy and Mike host the family Christmas celebration.


Julie's family celebrates Christmas at Kathy and Mike's house.


Julie's family celebrates Christmas at Mary and Wayne's house.


Christmas Eve at our house and Julie's family celebrates at Kathy and Mike's house.


Julie's family celebrates Christmas at Laura and Craig's house.


Chris' family together at our house. Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's house.


Chris' family together at our house with Zach. Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's house.


Our first Christmas as a married couple. Julie's family celebrates at Kathy and Mike's house.


Our first Christmas together in Minneapolis, Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's


Memories of Christmas past. This page has many pictures of Christmas long ago.

Christmas Past

The tree is a focal point of the house during Christmas. Big, Bright and Shiny are the rule.

Christmas Tree

Our Dickens Village Collection was the first and it has grown over the years and now is giant.

Dickens' Village

Julie's favorite. Christmas in the twenties in New York.

In the City

The kids's favorite! Santa, Rudolph, Elves and all things magical.


North Pole

Christmas 2009 was truly a grand homecoming and a celebration of family. We had the extra-special blessing of welcoming our new son into our household. We also were fortunate to have my parents visit and spend the holidays with us. It was a chaotic time but also a joyful time. It will be a christmas that all of us will never forget. This all happening just a few short weeks after we got back with our son and our trip to China.

My parents arrived just in time for my birthday. It was really nice to have them arrive in time for our festivities. I had a home made cake and lasagna that Julie made. They were excellent. It was just great to be home with the family. You can see pictures in last day of the Gabe Travel Journal (as that was the last week of my journaling activity). You can also see pictures when we met my Aunt Mary Joe, Uncle Dennis and Cousin Corey on that page.

Christmas Eve started with a good old-fashioned Minnesota snow storm. I was very thankful to have had my snow blower fixed before I left! The kids were so excited and I am sure time really went slow for them. I remember when I was a kid and thinking to myself - my mom has to be slowing things down on purpose! We went to the Children's service at the church I grew up at which is only a little ways away. This was the first attempt to bring Gabriel to church since we got home. Lets just say, I spent most of the time in the hallways while the rest of the family enjoyed the service. After church, we went home and enjoyed the a never-ending supply of appetizers. It was a lot of fun, but the kids were really getting revved up so we went to the living room to open presents. It was like a postcard, the tree was beautiful, it was snowing outside and all the family was there. We of course bought to much, I guess we will worry about where to stick all the new junk after the new year. Oh well. Julie and I did cut back a little on each other, but had a lot of fun wrapping up our gifts from China and re-giving them. My favorite was the "gift" from Your Friends at South China Air to Julie. It was a travel kit, that she insisted on collecting and keeping. Of course the kids would not go to bed, too excited.

Santa came and brought the kids some really fun toys. The hit was the Handy Manny workbench. The kids really got a kick out of that one. Everyone had some special treats in their socks. Later that evening we had some of Julie's relatives over for a fun and very casual evening. Family came over that was local and in town. The official Family Christmas is scheduled for January. This will allow most of the kids to come home from the various locations so we all can be together. At the end of the night we celebrated Madeleine's 5th birthday. I will cover those details on a separate page..

Julie's family Christmas 2009 was actually held in 2010. It is the only way we could have everyone participate for a variety of reasons. It gets harder as the children get older and more far-flung. I will update this post once this event occurs. We were blessed that Great Grandma Agnes was able to attend for a double celebration. Follow this link to see pictures of Julie's Family Christmas.