Christmas 2010
Christmas Past
Christmas Tree
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North Pole
A Quiet Christmas Eve with a special surprise!

You Better Watch out, You better not pout, Santa Clause is coming to town!

Christmas Main

Grandma and Grandpa are coming and Julie's family celebration at Tom and Sheri's.


A quiet Christmas Eve with the family. Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's House.


Gabe's first Christmas with us, Grandma and Grandpa visit. Julie's family celebrate at Kathy and Mike's.


One first Christmas at our new house. We host Julie's family Christmas Celebration.


One last Christmas at our old house. Julie's family celebration at Laura and Craig's House.


Maddy's 1st Christmas . Grandma and Grandpa visit. Celebration at Laura and Craig's


We host Julie's Family Christmas Celebration at our house.


We traveled to South Carolina for Christmas. Kathy and Mike host the family Christmas celebration.


Julie's family celebrates Christmas at Kathy and Mike's house.


Julie's family celebrates Christmas at Mary and Wayne's house.


Christmas Eve at our house and Julie's family celebrates at Kathy and Mike's house.


Julie's family celebrates Christmas at Laura and Craig's house.


Chris' family together at our house. Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's house.


Chris' family together at our house with Zach. Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's house.


Our first Christmas as a married couple. Julie's family celebrates at Kathy and Mike's house.


Our first Christmas together in Minneapolis, Julie's family celebrates at Laura and Craig's


Memories of Christmas past. This page has many pictures of Christmas long ago.

Christmas Past

The tree is a focal point of the house during Christmas. Big, Bright and Shiny are the rule.

Christmas Tree

Our Dickens Village Collection was the first and it has grown over the years and now is giant.

Dickens' Village

Julie's favorite. Christmas in the twenties in New York.

In the City

The kids's favorite! Santa, Rudolph, Elves and all things magical.


North Pole

Christmas 2010, was a much more subdued affair. We had a quiet night with just the four of us at our home for Christmas Eve. We did our normal smorgasbord of snacks and hoers devours Unfortunately, Gabe was still fighting a really nasty cold and was just not his normal self. You can see in the photos, he spent much of Christmas Eve on the couch, which is not at all typical of Gabe or a three-year old on Christmas Eve. Julie loved her Minnesota Twins gear. The kids like all of their toys and clothes. Maddy always loves the clothes that Grandma Susie finds for her.

This year our big gift to the kids was that we were bringing them to Walt Disney World in February. Dad spent a bit of time researching special ways to surprise the kids. So we wrapped up a huge box and put in balloons with a little sign letting them know about the big trip. Inside the box was their hats and a bag of pins for trading when we got there. We played some Disney music and let them have at it. I think they just did not get it at first. The reaction we got was not at all what Daddy was expecting. They seemed a little confused and unsure of what it meant and just how soon we were going. Oh well, the did have a lot of fun once we got to Florida about six weeks later.

On Christmas morning, Santa visited and ate all of his cookies and milk that the kids had left for him. He left some very nice presents by the fireplace and also some nice treats in their stockings. Gabe was still feeling a little under the weather, so we kind of took slow and easy all morning. We watched the Disney parade in the morning while mom worked on getting all the food ready for family Christmas at Laura's.

Family Christmas was at Laura and Craig's house this year. We arrive right after noon. This is a packed day. It seems like we are in a never ending cycle of events starting with hoers devours. The volume of food is big. Not too much time passes before all the younger kids open their gifts. Each kid opens their presents one by one, starting with the youngest to the oldest. Once a child graduates from high school they become an adult. It takes a while to get through the kids opening as usually we go one kid at a time, one present at a time. This is followed by the infamous adult dice game. Giving individual presents ended a number of years back. Now, each adult brings a general present based on a theme and you play the dice game. Each year is different, but there are always lots of laughs and people who bring funny gifts or try to circumvent the rules.

Dinner is served, and is always very good. This is usually followed by the celebration of Maddy's birthday, which happens to be on Christmas. Maddy really likes this part of the day. This mean birthday cake and usually a variety of other treats. Many times the includes the highly revered peppermint candy cane pie from Baker's Square. The festivities went on well into the evening and everyone surely had a most wonderful day.