Maddy's 5th Birthday Party - 2009
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Family and Puppy Party for Kids

Maddy celebrated her 5th Birthday with her family on Christmas night. Julie made a cake and we sang in the "family key". Never mind the dogs howling all over the nieghborhood. Maddy was a very lucky girl as many of her aunts and uncles and cousins were able to attend. Of course Maddy is not one to shy away from being the center of attention.

We threw Maddy a party for her friends. There were kids from Group 88 (Adoption Group), and in the nieghborhood. In total there were 5 number of kids there. We has hoped for some of her friends from daycare to also come, but a variety of things and Christmas plans limited the availability of some of Maddy's guest. We had a lot of fun and played musical chairs, pin the tail and the donkey and "Red Light, Green Light". We then made reindeer which was an interesting experience. Probably a little glue intensive for 4 and 5 year olds, and one 43 year old who will remain anonymous. Then we had cake and ice cream. Maddy opened her gifts and everyone got a prize and candy to fill their reindeer pots. We enjoyed a nice evening with our Group 88 family. We had tacos for dinner and caught up after what had seemed like a very long time since we all could get together as a group. With two adoption trips and a busy holiday schedule for all of us, it was a special treat to all finally get together. Many pictures and stories were exchanged. We were also witness to the very first performance of the rock band the five tutu's. Unique was one way to describe it.