2010 CAAM Dance Recital
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Our Merry Little Angels have an Outstanding performance at the CAAM Dance Recital
It is hard to believe that this was Maddy's fourth annual recital with CAAM (Chinese American Association of Minnesota). Maddy worked very hard over the course of two sessions. She adjusted very well to a new teacher and enjoys dance. This year the dance was very high energy and the Merry Angels had an outstanding performance. The class was very large this year, with fourteen girls participating. We were very proud of her and all of her classmates. Gabriel did really well at this event and was fascinated with all of the performances and really enjoyed the beautiful costumes and lively dancing. We appreciated that at least one dance was Mongolian, which is the region (Inner Mongolia) that Gabriel is from. The show in general was fantastic. The little kids as always stole the show. This time they did it with the twist. Some brave parents actually performed with them and they rocked. There was also a number of excellent performance by the older kids including the fun Evening at the Opera and the very beautiful Peacock Dance. Note: I will post video from the recital in my next update!
Video Highlights
CAAM Dance Recital at Eden Prairie High School - Merry Little Angels