2010 Easter
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Easter Egg Hunts and Family Gatherings
Easter was very nice this year and we were blessed by our two children and some really nice weather for late March and early April (At least by Minnesota standards). We enjoyed a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt put on by the families with Children from Asia organization. Mikayla and her mom and dad joined us and then we made Chinese at home. The kids were really into painting their eggs and Maddy is a big fan of eating the eggs as well. The easter bunny came and the kids eventually found their baskets. I am so glad that the Easter Bunny brought the Princess and the Frog, because Maddy has been asking for it about every five minutes for the past month. We celebrated Easter and were lucky that all of the older nephews and nieces were back from far away. Some even brought guests. It was fun to see them all. Uncle Wayne hosted Easter and what a feast we had. It was very nice of him and he did an excellent job. I know our family appreciated his efforts and we all really enjoyed the company. Of course it would not be a family event without some kind of crazy happening - all I can say is Cheese Tray in the shape of Stonehenge or maybe something volcanoish.