2010 Festival of Nations
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International Culture, Fun and Food at the Festival of Nations
The Festival of Nations is a family favorite that we try to attend each spring. It is held at the River Center in St. Paul. This year we went with Mikayla, Criag and Deb. It seems each year we are able to find at least one family that is not too busy to join us. The theme of this year's festival was trying to make sure that we ate as many places as possible. We actually checked stuff off of the list as we went along. We spent some time in the market area and even purchased a few things - it is unavoidable. We headed upstairs to the Wilkins Auditorium to watch a wide variety of ethnic dance acts from all over the world perform for us. The girls loved it. Our favorites this year were the Chinese dancers (no surprise there). They also had a few intermissions where the kids got a chance to go our on the dance stage and run around dance and generally carry on. That was Gabriel's favorite part. We spent a little over two hours at the event but had a chance to see a lot of different cultures and taste many good foods and of course a few treats as well.