2010 Forever Family Day
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4th Annual Forever Family Day Celebration
It is almost impossible to believe that we have been a family for four years now. The girls have certainly grown up and it is very fun to watch them as they get bigger. Forever Family Day is a reference to the celebration of the date when we adopted our children. Our group has made it a point to get together each year on the date. It is so important that even if it is on a week day many will take all or part of the day off to celebrate. This year we had our celebration at Deb, Craig and Mikayla's house. We got takeout Chinese from our favorite place - The Tea House. We let the kids play and also celebrated with a little birthday cake. The newcomers, Nora and Gabe fit right in. After a great meal and great dessert the kids ran around for a while on the "track". Then we had them get in their PJ's to watch a movie (Sleeping Beauty). Gabriel may be going into veterinarian school as we was examining Chloe. Craig enjoyed his time on the couch with his six children. It would have been the perfect night, but Mia and her family could not attend as they were out of town in Chicago.
Video Highlights - Present and Past
Forever Family Day - Kids Dancing
Forever Family Day - Attack of the Giant Flowers
Forever Family Day - A Birthday Cake for Gabe
Playdate - Eden Prairie Mall Play Area
Red Couch Session - White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou, China
First Meetings - Chongching Children's Welfare Institute, Guangzhou, China