2010 Great Grandma's 98th Birthday
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Great Grandma Travels from Racine for special 98th Birthday Celebration
Remarkable is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Great Grandma Agnes. Many other adjectives apply, I just count myself lucky to have known her for as long as I have. She is a really neat person who amazes me with her perception and insight. We were very fortunate to have her visiting Minneapolis for her 98th birthday. Uncle Bill and Aunt Nancy brought her from Racine on Friday. This of course is no small task particularily since the weather has been so cold and snowy this season. Many in the family met on Friday night for a nice dinner at the Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake. My kids really enjoyed seeing Great Grandma and all of the family. I really appreciate how important family is to my children and really enjoy how much fun they have interacting with their family. It is a pure joy to watch. Christmas was extra special this year because Great Grandma was there to enjoy it with us. During the celebration and after dinner, to sing Happy Birthday and focus in on Great Grandma.