Gabriel's 3rd Birthday - 2010
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Our First Birthday Celebration with Gabe

We celebrated Gabriel's birthday by going out to Chile's. We had a very nice time and the kids really enjoyed their ice cream afterward. By the time it we got home it was pretty late, so we decided to do the rest the next day. This worked out really well and we enjoyed a great night as a family at home. We made home-made pizzas. Both Gabriel and Maddy helped make the pizza. Then we had Ghiradelli Birthday Brownies. They were very good and really provided excellent opportunity to get some great shots with the prerequisite messy face. Then we had time for opening presents. We let the kids stay up a little as it was a weekend. All in all simple somtimes is best..

Video Highlights
Gabe's 3rd Birthday - Candles and Cake
MN Chinese Daycare and Learning Center Recitall
Gabe's 3rd Birthday - Fun with Presents and sugar