2010 Halloween
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Halloween - Kids Party, Daycare Fun and Trick-or-Treating
This was one of the busiest Halloween's on record. The kids are at a prime age to really enjoy it. This year Gabe was Batman and Madeleine was Cleopatra. Both costumes were very nice and worth it. Both Gabe and Maddy loved dressing up in their costumes. Fortunately for them there were several occassions for them to wear their costumes. During the fall we hosted a series of gatherings for friends of Maddy and Gabe's. These included the Group 88 family and friend from the Minnesota Chinese Day Care. We held them once a month. Sometimes we got only a few visitors and other times we got many. It was fun. Our Halloween Costume Party was the best attended and also the funnest. The kids played games and had costume parades and also went outside and enjoyed one of the last nice days of the season. The kids got to dress up again for school. Actually, Maddy got to dress up twice as she went to The Chinese Day Care Center on the day of their party as her school was not in session that day. Of course, Halloween night was quite an experience. Gabe made it around the nieghborhood and went to about half the houses. By the end of the night he was pretty tired. Maddy is just entering her prime and made to all of the houses and really did well to keep up with some of the older kids. She even went out a little later and hit some house a little further down the rode. All in all a spooktacular night to be sure!