2010 Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Denny's 50th Anniversary
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Golden Anniversary Celebration in Clarkfield
We loaded the family up in mom and dad's van and made the three hour trip across Minnesota to Clarkfield (Western MN, not too far from Marshall). We had a very nice day and everyone enjoyed catching up with relatives and old friends that they might not have seen in quite some time. Mary Jo and Denny are my aunt and uncle and we see them from time to time as they visit their grandchildren on a fairly consistent basis. As a child a spent many wonderful weeks in the summer at their house. I suppose my parents thought it might be good for a kid from the city, to experience life and good old-fashioned hard work on the fun. All I remember was having a lot of fun with my older cousins, big meals (and lots of them) swimming at the community pool and lengthy historical discussion with my uncle. Many people came to the event, which is a testament to the character of my aunt and uncle. Maddy and Gabe had a blast and ran around with the kids that were in attendance for hours while the adults were engaged in conversation. Maddy and Gabe also got to ride the tractors earlier in the day when we stopped out to see Uncle Jack and Aunt Marlys.