2010 Mid-Summer Fun
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Lake Harriet Concert, Dragon Festival, Crystal Lake Beach and Chutes and Ladders
We enjoyed another very pleasant evening with Deb, Craig and Mikayla at Lake Harriet. The kids swam in the lake and of course did not want to come out. We had a picnic and enjoyed a concert complete with a children's march around the Lake Harriet Band shell. The kids and the parent had a wonderful evening relaxing and playing on the lawn and listening to the talented musicians. Each year we try to go the Dragon Boat Festival at Lake Phalen. This year it kind of snuck up on us, but we decided to go anyway. The Dragon Boat Festival is the largest Pan-Asian Festival in the Twin Cities. There is good food, martial arts, crafts and dance performance along the shores of Lake Phalen. The highlight is the Dragon Boat races which are constantly going on. This year was extremely hot and humid and our car was parked very far away. Both of the children had melt-downs on the way out. Despite that we had a great time at this event. We also had a nice family beach day at Crystal Lake Beach, which was a great way to beat the heat. We also took the kids to Chutes and Ladders in Bloomington on another weekend. The kids enjoyed it, but the park may have been a little big for Gabriel at this point. This year it got really hot starting in early July and it really did not let up until well into August - At least by Minnesota standards.