2010 Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving at Laura and Craig's House
We celebrated Thanksgiving 2010, at Laura and Craig's house this year. Laura and Craig volunteered to host both Christmas and Thanksgiving this year, which was very nice. Thanksgiving day, is a big festival of family and food. Everyone, generally gathers early in the afternoon. Snacks and hoers devours are consumed most of the afternoon. It is a great time for catching up. The older nieces and nephews come back from college, while the siblings have a chance to catch up. Of course it would not be a family gathering without a little bit of competition. Julie's family loves their games. It would not be unusual for 15 to 20 people to be playing a game at any time. A few diehards will retire to the downstairs to watch a little football or a movie in the theater. The younger kids have a great time playing with their cousins and aunts and uncles. Dinner is usually later in the day. Grandpa Ed says grace and always adds on a few prayers for the family. After that its dinner, dessert. We usually get the kids into their PJ's as it usually very late by the time we get home.