2010 Wayne and Becky get Married
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Wayne and Becky's Wedding
Uncle Wayne got married to his fiance Becky this fall in southern Minesota. It was a very nice wedding, at least so I was told. I was able to watch some of it from the vestibule, but Gabe was too rambunctious to be left in the main hall of the church. It was a great late fall day, the sun was shining and everyone was dressed up looking very nice. It was a grand family gathering, with relatives from both sides of Wayne's family and many of Becky's family in attendance. It was great to see all the older cousines who came back for the wedding from Illinios and Missouri. After the wedding, everyone really enjoyed the reception. The kids loved the music and the dancing. The lasted pretty late before we finally had to call it a night. The kids were fast asleep in the car ride home to be sure.