2010 Fighting the Winter Freeze in Minnesota
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Visit to Work, Sledding, Birthday Parties
Winter in Minnesota is always tough, the winter of 2009-2010, has been really tough. In December it was very snowy, in January it was freezing cold (except for the day that it rained), You have a choice, survive (maybe thrive) or be crushed. Truth be told there has been a little of both this year. Fun can be had, you just need to know where to look. You rely on friends and family to help see you though. Going sledding was fun, both Maddy and Gabriel loved it. Julie visited work with the kids and set Departments of Correction and Education into a much appreciated ruckus. Of course, there were birthday parties to be enjoyed as each of Madeleine's orphanage-mates have birthdays in late December through early February. This page displays all the winter fun one can have in Minnesota. The Next page shows all the birtday party fun. Click on the link in pink of course to see the birthday girls celebrate the big 5.