2010 Summer Vacation - Yogi - Jellystone Park, Warrens, Wisconsin
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First Day - Short Journey to Jellystone, Setting Up, Cooking Duty and New Friends
Kathy and Mike have been going to "Yogi" for about five years and have joined long time friends and their families for a fun week in the wilderness in nearby Warren, Wisconsin. We meet at the traditional meeting place at an SA near out house. After a relatively short drive we stopped for lunch at McDonalds in Osseo, Wisconsin. Then we drove a short distance to Warren and Yogi! We checked into our "camping cabin" - a small and basic cabin near the rest of the group. Then we worked with the more experienced families as they set up an elaborate home base on the cul-du-sac. This area was literally transformed complete with an outdoor kitchen and numerous large tents for dinner and games. Of course a camp fire was immediately stoked and was not extinguished until we left. The first night was our teams turn to cook. Each night a different team takes turn to provide and serve dinner to the whole group. This year we had 52 campers participating. Our group included Kathy and Mike's family, our family and Mandy. We made brats on the grill. Later that evening we went for an under the stars showing of Yogi Bear cartoons at the little theater at the campground. The kids had an absolutely great time. The kids had no trouble making new friends and there were many kids of varying ages with us.