2011 CAAM Dance Recital
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Performance - Fun at the Lily Pond
All the work is over, the waiting is done. Its show time! The girls has an excellent performance, they truly did very well. They were poised and executed their dance very nicely. Every girl's hard work paid off and all of them had very nice performances. We are very proud of Maddy. She had a great dance and she had fun doing it. She really stepped up and did a dance that was far more technical than any we have seen her perform to date. The show was great. Their were 19 performances, with groups from CAAM, CAAM in Rochester and the Chinese Immersion Academy in Hopkins (XinXing Academy). Going to a Chinese Dance Recital is always colorful with many beautiful dancers. We really enjoyed, Gabe was hungry almost the whole time. After the show we went to the Tea House for dinner to celebrate Maddy's 5th CAAM Dance Recital.
Note: Our seats were pretty far back so the photos of the actual performance were not quite as clear or as close as we would have liked. There are some really nice pictures of the girls from the Tech Run in the Getting Ready Page and on the Practice at the Studio Page.
Note: Thanks to Don (One of the parents) for the following youtube video of the Fun at the Lily Pond Dance.
Video Highlights
CAAM Spring Recital at Eden Prairie High School - Fun at the Lilly Pond