2011 Chris' Birthday
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A Wonderful Dinner at PF Chang and a Big Surprise
The big set-up. Julie had suggested maybe now was the time to get a digital SLR earlier, but then said maybe not, since Christmas was just around the corner with lots of expenses. Getting a digital SLR had long been something I wanted to support my love of photography. Well the family took me to PF Chang's for my birthday dinner. We had a wonderful meal, their food is very good and had a very nice evening. Then I opened my present. I unwrapped the package and it turned out to be a Dickens Village House. In fact, it was a house I already had. Since Julie had asked for a list of houses and mentioned that there might be good deals at a local antique store, I was oblivious to the ploy. Apparently, my face was priceless. So I opened it up and noticed it wasn't packed in the typical box. Julie was quick to point out that she got a deal because the box was missing. Again oblivious to the deception I began to pull back the packing to inspect my anticipated duplicate house. Gotcha! It wasn't a house at all, it was the Digital SLR packed inside the box. Needless to say that will be one birthday I will always remembers. Thanks family, that was a good one!.