2011 December Festivities
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Birthday Parties, School Holiday Parties, Lunch at Bachman's, Get-together with the Cousins, the zoo - Non-Stop Motion
Non-stop motion is the only way to describe December. The typical activities of gymnastics, dance and Chinese language come tend to slow down about midway through December. However, the activities and fun things more than make up for it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the never-ending Christmas shopping. There were a number of December birthdays that Maddy attended besides mine and hers. Most of these were with her school classmates. One was at Michael's Crafts and the other was at Chuck E. Cheeses. She also had her school holiday party which I helped with. While Julie and Maddy went to see the Wizard of Oz on a school field trip. Gabe was also busy with school parties at his daycare. My parents also visited for a few days centered primarily on Christmas. One day we did go out for a little shopping and a nice lunch at the central Bachman's store. They have a very nice little place to eat with tables in the green house. So we had a nice lunch amongst the poinsettia. The kids also had winter break and Julie and I split time off. One day we made the world famous double secret chocolate chocolate cookies. We made tons - magically they were gone in no time flat. During break, the adoption "cousins" got together and on one of our holiday days, I took the kids to the zoo to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather and to give the new camera a good work-out.