2012 Gabe's 5th Birthday
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Gabe turns Five!
Gabe was very excited about his birthday this year. He is growing up so fast. He is into Cars, Power Rangers and Kung Fu Panda. He is looking forward to soccer and the spring and we think he will be starting martial arts in the near future. He is doing very well in school and really enjoys his speech classes and his time at the Minnesota Chinese Daycare and Learning Center. He has made many good friends here and enjoys the learning and play. He also likes music and dancing. He has become quite the stylish hip hop guy. This year for his birthday we had a nice celebration ceremony at the daycare center. We had a special spaghetti and meatball dinner. Those pictures are coming. He will also be having his first birthday party in a few weeks. I will post more photos as the events unfold. Happy birthday Gabe!