2011 - Grandma and Grandpa visit to begin summer
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A helpful visit at the end of Gabe's Recovery - Highlighted by the Como Zoo
Grandma and Grandpa came up a little earlier than we had originally anticipated. This worked out great because the kids were able to spend lots of time with them since they were still home for Gabe's recovery period. I am grateful they were here as they were a big help with the house and with helping to keep the two of them busy. Rest is what was prescribed by the doctor. Now the challenge is getting a four year old to accept that. As is tradition, we had Papa Murphy's, which is not available where they live. It was pretty exciting for Gabe, as this was the first meal he was allowed to eat solids. I have never seen him eat so much pizza in one sitting! The highlight was a nice trip to Como Zoo after Gabe was given the all clear. We had a very nice time and got some excellent photos of the animals (the one's of the Polar Bears and the apes are pretty nice).