2011 Group 88 Holiday Party
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A Great Night with our Extended Adoption Family
Each year during the holiday season we get together with our travel group from our first adoption - Maddy. Unfortunately, we traveled alone with Bridget to get Gabe, so we do not have a local connection. We always have wonderful and a nice evening to enjoy each others company. As the kids get older and more independent, it affords us a nice opportunity to have a little time to catch up while the kids go crazy in the basement. This year was also special, because I was able to distribute my latest book to the all the families. This book was a photo book that was a compilation of the best pictures of all four girls who were adopted from Chongqing. It traced there growth from the begriming through the end of the summer following kindergarten. It was written in both English and Chinese. It was by far my best effort so far. We are also sending one copy back to the orphanage, as a thank you and as a way for them to see how their lives have turned out so far. I intend to build part 2 after 5th grade is over. In the meantime, it won't be long until I will build the same kind of book for Gabe. My how time flies. It was a great evening.