2012 Early Winter Fun
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Birthday Party Mania Strikes again!
There was a time when January and February were quiet times where we would semi-hibernate. Those day are along gone. The fun part is that we get to extend that holiday spirit by two months and the brutal cold is a lot easier to swallow when you are busy. Although, this winter has not been that cold or snowy (yet). So when we were not at dance or Chinese School, you could often find us at a birthday party. In fact, Mikayla had her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's. The kids absolutely loved it. They got to meet the mouse himself and play lots of games with all of the tokens they got. The kids were crazy for the tickets, although I am not sure exactly what they were trying to win. Sometimes the idea of prize outweighs the prize itself. Maddy continued on with gymnastics and still really enjoys this. She is progressively getting better. Gabe had a birthday party to go to (unfortunately no pictures). He also had a breakfast play date with his best friend Nico. He was so excited for this activity. He had a great time. Of course we have no pictures as he was dropped off. Isabel had her birthday at the American Girl Doll store. They had a wonderful tea. It was probably the quietest kid party I had been to in years. The girls loved it. After tea, Margaret took the kids on some rides in the amusement park at the Mall of America. The kids had a fantastic time. We wrapped up the wonderful evening with a nice dinner at the Cafe at Nordtrom's.