2011 Maddy's Sixth Birthday Party
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A House full of Kids and Star Wars the Clone Wars Everywhere
May the Force Be With You! Maddy's sixth birthday party was just after the new year. I know that she had a lot of fun and we learned a few things as well. Maddy invited her entire kindergarten class and her group 88 cousins and some of her friends from Chinese Daycare. To say we had a house full would be an understatement. We had 22 kids in fact. Chaos is the only word to describe the day. The kids had fun, but trying to organize that many kids was certainly an epic challenge. The good news is that Auntie Deb was there to help! We played Star Wars games and had "Space Dogs" and "Yoda Soda". I think in the future we will keep to the rule of one child for the age of the person with the birthday. I fully understand that rule.