2011 Maddy's 7th Birthday
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Maddy Turns Seven!
It is really hard to believe that Maddy is already seven. It just seems like yesterday, when she was a 14 month old on the plaza dancing with her dad. Something's do not change as we danced again at the CAAM CDT production China the Beautiful! So why use the black theme, well this year Maddy's favorite color is black, so I went with it. Maddy had a nice birthday party at Tom and Sheri's as part of the family Christmas festivities. We are appreciative of everyone's willingness to take a time-out. Having a Christmas birthday can be tough sometimes. Her big present was the American Girl Doll Kahani. She loved it. The following weekend we had a birthday party at Grand Slam with her friends. They had a great time! It was a very nice mix of kids from school, her adoption "cousins" and one from her dance. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed time in the fun zone and the bumper cars were a big hit. We are very proud of Maddy and she has accomplished much in the last year in school, in her activities and in her personal growth.