2011 - Group 88 Memorial Day Dinner
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A Wonderful Evening at Dan and Susan's
A great evening as all four families that adopted girls from Chongqing, China, got together for dinner at Dan and Susan's house. The kids had an absolute blast. The get along so well and have for so long. It is really something very special. The younger siblings really hold their own. Gabe and Nora also have fun playing with one another. It was non-stop action is the kids moved from activity to activity with gusto. It was loud with much laughter and an occasional scream. The trampoline was a hit. The kids were non-stop energy, bringing out new things about every ten minutes. Items ranges from princess clothes to a giant inflatable tube. The parents of Group 88 had a wonderful evening. Dan and Susan prepared fajitas, there was a lot of nice conversation, catcing-up and of course planning for summer and our trip to the Michigan Dunes. An outstanding evening to be sure.