2011 Back to School - Firsts and Lasts
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Maddy's first day of First Grade and Gabe's First day of the Last year at Minnesota Chinese Day Care and Learning Center
This is a big year for both of the kids. Gabe is entering his last year at pre-school at the Minnesota Chinese Day Care and Learning Center. This has been such a great experience for both of the kids. They have learned so much and received such great care. They spent part of the summer at the learning center and had lots of fun and learned lots of Chinese and math. It is really hard to believe that this phase of our parenting is starting to draw to an end. Next year at this time both of the kids will officially be in elementary school. Maddy is now entering the First Grade. She is very excited about it. The both were so excited the night after school that it was very hard to get them to go to sleep. Even after they were in bed, they were up jabbering until late. Maddy really enjoys school and is really excited to learn. We are proud of both of our children and often comment that we need to tape those moments when they beg to do their homework to play back during high school! Of Course, in typical fashion that evening Gabe had soccer practice, Maddy had Gymnastics and we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. We will be having a date-night on a date that is more conducive to the "schedule".