2011 - Last Days of Kindergarten and the Start of Summer
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A Flurry of Activity to end the school year and kick off summer
We had a very busy June. When the kids were not at the soccer field we were busy doing fun things around the city. An example of this was when we met Uncle Dan and Isabel for a fun day at the Flint Hill's Children's Festival. It was a great day and the kids had a very fun time. The performers on the side of the wall were stunning. June also marked the end of kindergarten for Maddy. I was luck enough to spend a warm afternoon with her class at track and field days. It is hard to believe that Maddy will be moving on to 1st grade next year. You can see just how much she grew in the comparison pictures between the first day of the school year and the last day. This was also the time that Gabe was in the hospital for his pharyngeal flap surgery. The last set of pictures are of the Parks and Rec program that Maddy participated in while she was home with me during Gabe's recovery. This is the same program that I attended as a child, and actually was an instructor for one summer during college. The fact that the puppet shows have not changed is not surprising and probably a good thing.
Flint Hills Children's Festival
Track and Field Days
Last Day of Kindergarten - Maddy First-Grader-To-Be
Flashback to the first day of Kindergarten
Park and Rec Program and The Puppet Show