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Gabe plays soccer for the first time
Gabe is playing in his very first sport. Like his sister, aunt, daddy and numerous cousins he is playing soccer. At this age it all about fun and trying to make sense of the game. They play what we like to call "pack" soccer. In this version of the game the kids run around in clumps chasing the ball. Then it will get kicked loose and the pack will all run after it until it a new clump is formed around the ball. This goes on until one team scores or they get tired and need a water break. This is the age of boo-boos, tears, playing with the grass in the goal and when snack time is the most important part of the whole event. It is very cute to watch. The kids try hard and have a great time, except when the have a boo-boo or have to take an unscheduled break to shed a couple of tears and consult with mommy. Julie is helping coach the Green Hornets this season. Coach Megan is the head coach and does the teaching and demonstrating, while Julie lends a hand of support. Think of herding cats... Added pictures from the end of the season soccer party (mostly water fun stuff). Great time, thanks Coach Megan.