2011 - Ending Summer with a bang
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Concert at Lake Harriet, The State Fair and a trip to a good old fashioned Drive-In Movie
As the summer draws to end, it is typical for everyone who lives where we do to jam in as much as possible before the weather turns frigid. We are no exception to this strange upper-midwest rule. So we enjoyed a great evening concert with the kids and Mikayla and her family at the Lake Harriet Band shell. The kids loved to run around and dance on the stage. The musicians are friends of Deb and Craig's. It was one of those perfect summer evenings. Then it was state fair time. Every kind of food you can imagine on a stick. We ate lots, saw lots of animals, ate some more, went on a few rides, ate some more, saw a show, ate some more, and stayed until late (by our standards). It was a tiring day, but lots of fun for everyone. I particularly like the pictures with Floyd of Rosedale - priceless. We capped the weekend with a trip to a real old fashioned drive-in movie double feature. We had lots of fun and it was reasonable. This is something I would like to try again next summer. Suddenly, summer is over and fall is on its way.