2011 March Celebrations
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Fighting Winter the fun way! Two Birthdays and a Tip to the Mall of America
Winter 2010-2011, was cold and it was very snowy. Even after coming back from Florida, the winter would not relent. So sometimes you just make the best of it. Lucky, we had some March Birthday celebrations to lighten up the short cold days. Julie had her birthday, a nice quiet evening at home with her family. In stark contrast her sister Aunt Kathy, celebrated a monumental birthday with style. There was a big party and lots of fun to be had. Kathy really seemed to enjoy her day. We also were luck enough to meet up wit Mikayla and her parents for a day of escape at the Mall of America. We had a nice lunch at Nordstrom's followed by fun at the theme park. Of course we just had to stop for coffee. Sometimes we are so predictable.