2011 Summer Vacation - Yogi - Jellystone Park, Warrens, Wisconsin
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August 5, 2011 - Early Morning/Late Evening - Swimming, Cartoons and an unplanned trip to the doctor

Year 2 of the Yogi experience was a lot of fun. This year we cut a little shorter as we had just returned from the Dunes in Michigan, but the kids really wanted to go and in the relative scale of things - this was an inexpensive get-away. We left early in the morning, having dropped the dogs off the evening before. We made good time and arrived in time to partake in community breakfast - nummy. The kids were excited to get to the pool and so that is where we spent most of our time. The kids really love playing in the low depth pool complete with slides and the infamous "pic-a-nik basked that dumps water on their heads. They also love hanging out in the other pool, especially when they can get some attention from the older kids in the Yogi crew. It is fun to watch just how patient and nice those kids are with our children. Later that evening we had brats and burgers a prefect grill for a pseudo-camping adventure. Later in the evening, we went to the shop for souvenirs and a little later it was off the the outdoor theater for some Yogi cartoons. The bummer of the weekend was the realization that Julie did not have any of her required medications. This led to an unwanted late night trip to the hospital in Tomah. Better to be safe than sorry...