2012 CAAM Summer Camp
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Two Weeks of Growth and Fun
This was the first year that Maddie had participated in the CAAM summer camp.  She had a great experience.  The camp comprised of three weeks of full day camp.  Maddie signed up for the first two weeks.  Her day was divided between skills, tumbling, gong fu (a martial art), twirling and dance performance.  It was amazing to watch her grow.  Her skills were improved drastically, similar to the improvement when I would go to week long soccer camps during the summer.  During the two weeks they learned 2 separate dances and 1 twirling routine and 1 gong fu movement.  She also personally nailed the backbend kick-over, a box roll and a several other skills.  Since the studio is near work, I was able to personally observe some of the camp.  I was very impressed by the camp and with the outcomes.  We really appreciate the teachers and aides who made it a success.  The big dance she learned was Counting Stars.  Another core dance requiring a new skill set.  This one also will allow her to start doing outreaches.  She has two outreaches in August and September where she will perform this dance.  On time as a solo at Gabe’s graduation at Minnesota Chinese Daycare and Learning Center and the big one as part of a quartet at the State Fair on September 1, at the International Bazaar Stage.  Follow this link for more details http://www.mnstatefair.org/entertainment/stages/?stage=Bazaar .