2012 CAAM Performance - China the Beautiful
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Show time - China the Beautiful - From the Mountains to the Prairies is a Smash!
We are very proud of Maddy and the job that she did. We appreciate her dedication and hard work. It was fun to watch her have fun on the stage. As for Dragon Dad, he is just happy he did not trip when he had his little jump over the tail of the dragon. Of course, the show it self was stunning. It was well done and well executed. Everyone involved with the show deserves a lot of credit. So many people, working so hard on something they really care about. The show itself had a prelude, which was a review from the previous year. The rest of the show was divided into four segments. The four segments were geared to different regions of China. Each segment had three dances. Each segment, would use Google Earth to help give people geographic orientation. That was followed by a short video on that region. It was really neat that the last two segments happened to be from the regions our children came from (by luck, not by design). The Szechwan region and the northern regions (including Inner Mongolia), This was followed by the finale China! China! The show was a success and well conceived and well preformed. I know at least two people who had never experience the show were a little surprised by the quality and the beauty of the production. It is definitely more than your typical dance studio recital. After each show we would join with family and friends to congratulate Maddy and on Sunday go out for dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in town. What made the show even better, was the fact that it was a celebration of Chinese New Year - The Year of the Dragon. Since Chinese New Year is all about family, it was nice that we could be with so many of our friends and family to celebrate Chinese New Year.