2012 CAAM Dance Recital
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Practice - Learning new skills and a CAAM CDT Favorite
Maddie dances with a group of girls that are in elementary school.  They come from all over the metro area.  The grades vary between 1st and 4th.  They practice once a week for two hours at the studio.  The first part of practice revolves around stretching, flexibility and strengthening.  During the first part of practice they also work on specific dance skills.  In Chinese dance a significant component of those skills is tumbling.   This is the second year that the majority of the girls have been together as a group.  They work very hard and we are very proud of Maddie and all of the girls.  I am also very happy that Maddie is part of a group of girls that get along very nicely.  The end of the dance year ended with a very nice picnic at her instructor’s house.