2012 CAAM June Activities
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Flint Hills Children's Festival Outreach and CAAM 20th Anniversary Picnic
June was a very busy month for us with CAAM Chinese Dance Theater.  If we were not at a soccer field somewhere we were doing something associated with CAAM CDT.  Maddie marched with CAAM CDT at the Flint Hills Children’s Festival Parade.  A lot of the CAAM CDT younger performers were present.  Maddie did not dance, but she did and one of her friends carried the banner.  CAAM CDT performed the Cheerful Girls dance in two locations along the route.  It was a nice day and we enjoyed the festival afterward.  A few days later we enjoyed the CAAM 20th Anniversary Picnic.  We had a great turnout with lots of families from all age categories.  It was a lot of fun.  We had our first ever silent auction.  We won a few very nice items!  There was a Tai Chi demonstration, Julie subsequently signed up for classes in the summer (no pictures allowed).  The kids had fun with many activities including a treasure hunt, three legged race, and water balloon toss.  Both of my kids had a great time.  I also walked away very impressed by the acceptance of the older kids with some of the younger ones.  Gabe really had a good time as well with his new friends (some of the older dancers).  We have really made many good friends in our five plus years with CAAM CDT.  I am happy and very proud to be a part of this organization.  All four of us have been a part of this great organization.  Maddie as a dancer, Julie in Tai Chi, Gabe will start a dance/Gong Fu class in the fall and I of course have had a few moments as a “Daddy Dragon Dancer”.  So it was really an easy decision for me to volunteer as web master for the CAAM CDT site and recently as a member of their Managing Committee (Board of Directors).