2012 Sizzling 4th in Chicago
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Independence Day - Fireworks and a picnic at the yet another lake
Sizzling Hot! Summer 2012 has been extremely hot with more 90 and 100 degree days than I can remember since I was a kid (and we walked up hills against the wind both ways),. We visited my sister in Chicago-land. Grandma and Grandpa were also up, so we were together for the first time with everyone in four years and the first time since the youngest grandchildren (Hadley and Gabe) came into the picture. It was super hot, over 100 each day. We took refuge in the house )almost like a reverse blizzard) at the pool, on the tramp, on the slip and slide and with massive squirt gun wars. It was a blast. The kids went out when they could. There were many a wiffle ball battle in the only green backyard in the neighborhood. We had a blast, seven kids at least (Zach had his friend Jack over plus other kids were always around) and six adults. We caught a movie and saw the fireworks. We even managed to get some Giordano Pizza (yum yum) and ice cream.