2012 Chinese New Year
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The Year of the Dragon -
2012 - The Year of the Dragon! This is a very exciting New Year for us. It really kicked off with the CAAM CDT Performance - China the Beautiful. That weekend was fun and we got to be with our family to really start things off on the right foot. I have a separate page that has lots of pictures for that event. We were very busy during Chinese New Year. We did try our hand at cooking Chongqing Chili Chicken. It was pretty good. Maddy did an out reach at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Daddy Dragon also did an encore dragon dance 舞龙. We had lots of fun and got a surprise visit by some of Maddy's Group 88 "cousins". The other big event during Chinese New Year was our Forever Family Day Celebration. Forever Family Day commemorates when we formed our new families through adoption. This year we had it at Mia's house. First we had our semi-annual portrait of the girls and their siblings. Then the kids had a wonderful time, just being kids, running around, jumping on the tramp, dressing up and being kind of loud. Would not want it any other way. It brings me such joy to see the kids together. We are truly blessed. Wishing you a very happy new year! 新年好