2012 Easter
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Spring Finally Arrives, Easter Adventures, A Trip to Minehaha Falls and Fun with Friends.
Spring came very early for us this year.  We had warm weather before we left for South Carolina and almost summer-like temperatures by the time we returned.  This was great for early trips to the parks and other outside activities that we normally would not start until May.  Easter was egg painting is a big deal at our house – Maddie and Gabe love it.  In the spring Gabe took up Tai Kwon Do at the same dojo that Maddie had been at.  He really likes it and does very well at it. This is a good activity for him and we are proud of the progress he has made in such a short time.  The hardest and saddest part of the year so far, was saying goodbye to Ally our border collie. Like many of our dogs her spirit outlived her body as she lived to the ripe old age of 13.  It’s always tough to lose a friend, but this time the kids were really cognizant of what was going on and so many life lessons were learned in the last few weeks of her life.  We also went to the Passage to China at the Mall of America twice.  We got to see two of Maddie’s “cousins” (girls adopted at the same time and same orphanage that live locally) perform (sorry no pictures available).  We also went the next day and took our time and enjoyed the many activities they had available for the kids.  We also managed to get to the zoo for an early outdoor visit on a sunny and warm April day.