2012 Julie's Birthday and an Unseasonably Warm Winter
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Birthdays, Dancing and Stangely Warm Weather
Winter has been extremely mild this year and busy with lots of activity. The kids are super busy. Maddy is into dance and gymnastics. She practices dance all of the time. She spends hours immatating the different dances from the recitals and productions. She often will drag her little brother in with a costume (he will pay for that later) or as a prop. We celebrated Julie's birthday at home and Grandpa Ed came over and I made one of Julie's favorites - fajitas. We had a very strange experience. We got tickets for what we thought was going to be a beautiful Professional Chinese Dance Show. We met our good friends downtown and headed for the show. While it was beautiful in places, the surprise came when the show became heavily political. Unfortunately, it was something we were not prepared for and made the evening offputting. Of course the strangest part of the whole month was sitting on the deck in short sleeve shirts at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike's for family get together.