2012 - June Grads and Dads Celebrations
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A June Packed Full of Graduations and Celebrations
June was a very busy month for us.  We had one open date the entire month!   While much of the month we spent on a soccer field or at a CAAM CDT event, we did manage to squeeze in some other activities.  McKenna and her family have been a part of Julie’s family for as long as I have been around.  McKenna’s mom was a close friend of Mary’s as far back as high school (maybe before).  The have been coming to many of our family events for a very long time.  We are lucky and in many ways there family was a source of inspiration in our own quest to build our family through adoption.  McKenna is an awesome role model for our children.  This year she graduated from Edina High School and we were fortunate to attend her performance at the Current Jam.  She did a great job in this well-done choral review.  It was fun and the music was a mix of contemporary and classic.  We also attended my co-workers graduation party for his oldest son; the kids had fun on the trampoline.  We also squeezed in a play date with Gabe’s buddy Nico.  We had a really fun day highlighted by a trip to the Splash Pad.  On Father’s Day the family made the trip to Minnehaha Falls.  We had a nice walk down to the Mississippi River, although we did get caught in the rain and ended up eating our picnic in the van.  We attended McKenna’s Graduation party and got a chance to meet some of her relatives.  She is looking forward to college and we know that she will be successful as she transitions into the next phase of her life.  We capped June with a trip to the drive-in movie.  It was a wonderful evening and a great experience.  We saw Brave and Madagascar 3.  Everyone had a great time and even exhausting the battery was no big deal, they had a guy patrolling the lot with a battery for a quick jump.  June sure was busy, but also a lot of fun.