2012 - May Days - Is it Spring or is it Summer?
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Mother's Day, Jacob's Confirmation and School Carnival
We had a warm May that was filled with many activities as the school year began to wind down.  We visited the zoo to see all of the baby animals.  This is really fun and we really like having the membership.  It allows us to visit and see a part of the zoo without having to commit a large chunk of time to see the whole thing.  We also made our annual trek to the Festival of Nations.  This is always a family favorite.  We love all the food, and sights and sounds associated with this multi-cultural event.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts caused us to miss the CAAM CDT performances.   However, we did see some other great performances.  Gabe continued with his Tai Kwon Do and Maddie cycled out of gymnastics for a little while.  Julie’s family gathered at Kathy’s house for barbeque with very pleasant weather as the unseasonably warm trend continues.  Mother’s day was highlighted by Morning’s with mom program at the elementary school.  Maddie and Julie both had a great day that was highlighted by a program and of course a special out of school out for lunch experience.