2012 - Group 88 Memorial Day Dinner and Sleepover
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Sleep over Pandemonium and a Great Day at the Lake
Memorial is the official kick-off to summer.  Often it is marked by a cold and rainy weekend.  However this year we had nice weather and some fun activities to get summer started on the right foot.  Our adoption group that was formed when Maddie and her “Cousin’s” were adopted from Chongqing (Group 88) got together for a dinner and the kids stayed on for a sleep over.  As usual, we had a nice evening with the parents catching up and the kids playing elsewhere.  It is always loud, it is always raucous, it is always a chaotic, and I would not want it any other way.  The kids always have a great time and that is something you really appreciate as a parent.  On Memorial Day we had a family gather for Julie’s family at Laura and Craig’s house.  Everyone had a really good time.  It was another glorious day spent mostly at the lake.  The younger set really enjoyed riding the tubes and being out on the boat.  Even Sally (Laura and Craig’s dog) got into the act.  Others enjoyed taking the jet-ski out for a spin.  The best part as many of Maddie and Gabe’s older cousins who leave out of town or are in college out of town were back for the weekend.