2012 - Last Days of First Grade and the Start of Summer
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A Flurry of Activity to end the school year and kick off summer
The end of May and beginning of week marks the end of the school year.  It also brings a flurry of school related activities at Maddie’s elementary school.  The School Carnival and fund raiser was really fun.  The kids just love getting their tickets and seeing how many games they can play and how many ‘valuable’ prizes they can win.  The highlight of the day was when the kids got their faces painted with quite elaborate designs.  Gabe in particular was very pleased with his dinosaur that painted in such a way that the mouth part of the design merged with his own mouth.  You can imagine the roaring that went on for the next couple days.  Maddie also had Track and Field Days where all the classes go through multiple stations.  My favorite events were the sack race and the hurdles.  In particular the part where Maddie jumped the first two hurdles and then ducked under the last one.  I was also lucky enough to chaperone the 1st grade Minnesota Zoo Field Trip.  It was a really warm day and we actually walked from school – which is a fair distance.  We got to see many things that day and the kids in our group were great.  The highlight was probably the dolphin show.  Unfortunately our zoo is losing its dolphins soon.  The zoo has had problems with the tank, and also keeping a group of three (pod) which is preferred for the dolphin’s social well-being, and so the dolphin exhibit will end.    Maddie really has enjoyed her time at school and made many friends.  So it is with mixed emotions that we will move her and Gabe to a new school in the fall.  They will be attending a Chinese (Mandarin) immersion school.  This is a great opportunity for both of them academically, culturally and socially.  They already have many friends at this school and we think this is a good place for them for their early education.  We will always look back at our time at Maddie’s Kindergarten and 1st grade with very fond memories.
Carnival at the Elementary School
Track and Field Days
Minnesota Zoo Fieldtrip