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Maddie learns many things and plays on a very fun team!
In first grade, Maddie still plays recreational soccer.  The big change is the field gets a little bigger and co-ed paly ends.  Maddie played on a wonderful team and had a great team.  The Flaming Fire wore the beloved orange and black (just like the old Valley United days).  Between dance and soccer, we as parents could not ask for a better bunch of kids for Maddie to hang out with.  We count our blessings in this regard.  Maddie and the team had a great season that was marked by improved play, improved skills and most importantly lots of fun.  She had great coaches and really enjoyed herself.   She was a very quick player and tends to gravitate toward the mid-field.  With lots of stamina and speed that is a natural landing spot.  She scored some goals along the away including two in her season finale!