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Family History Document
Kaisler Family History Volume 1 George Kaisler  

A thorough family history of Julie's family, the Kaisler's. It chronicles her father's side of the family all the way back to Moravia (Czech Republic). The history traces back to the root member of Joseph Kaisler (1782 - 1852). The history traces the family back to their roots in Uhersky Brod. in Moravia and follows their path to the United States and their extended presence in Racine, Wisconsin. Julie's father Edward and his wife Doris, left Racine and eventually settled in the Minneapolis area. He has six children (Mary, Laura, Julie, Kathy, Tom and Amanda). All of his children have stayed in the Minneapolis area and enjoy many family functions together. Thus, a "Northern" branch of the Kaisler tree has flourished.    

Kaisler Family History Volume 2
Kaisler Family History Volume 3
Kaisler Family History Volume 4
Kaisler Family History Volume 5
Svenska Saga Richard Londgren The family history of the Londgren family. The story traces my father's side of the family and begins with the patriarch Frank Augustus Londgren and the Matriarch Christine Londgren. The history traces the family back to their roots in the province of Smaland in Sweden and their emigration to the United States in 1882. The story picks up with the original settlement in Malmo, Nebraska and eventual migration to Lynd, Minnesota. The story tells the story of the following generations of the Londgren's and traces my fathers parents who farmed near Clarkfield. This is a wonderful History with lots of pictures and interesting stories. Please keep in mind that this file is rather large, so be patient when downloading the file. It may take quite some time if you are using a non-high-speed connection.
Half the Sky Foundation Report-

Yan Ping Su

The nature of adoption in China is such that children have little or no family history. In China adoption is anonymous and in most cases not even the officials know whom the biological parents are for almost all of the children who end up in the United States. Madeleine family history in China is lost at least for now. Advances in technology and changes in political climate may change that. However, we do have a chronicle of her first year in the Orphanage and we are grateful to have that. We owe much to the caretakers and her adopted "Grandma" who wrote these observations. Although brief, the short observations and wonderful pictures do give us a glimpse into Madeleine's life in China.

Family Photo Preservation Project
The Londgren Family Photos - Phase I

This effort was actually started in 2005 by my father Tom. He transferred all of his known slides into digital media. They later found another set and has completed transferring those slides into digital form. I did some restoration work using Paint Shop Pro to improve color fade and then transferred them to DVD. This phase of the project was complete with the end product to be completed in 2006.

The Londgren Family Photos - Phase II

In 2007 my parents gathered photos out of selected family albums and brought them ona couple of visists in 2007. I used an Epson Perfection photo scanner with a photo feeder for the majority of the photos that were taken. This worked very well as we were ablle to handle the majority of the photos with this scanner at a high rate. However, I had to use an HP G85 flatbed scanner to handle the pictures with curls odd-sized and the poloroids that were prevelent for about two to three years of this resotration set. The actual scanning work was completed in 2007 and the resotroation of the photos is on-going as needed. Some of the older photos have had color loss dye to aging. This set included some older photos and many photos from childhood.

The Kaisler Family Photos - Phase I

This effort was started in 2007 and completed in early 2008. Many of Julie's family photos are in boxes and stored at Ed's house. This effort resulted in more than 2,000 photos going all the way back to the early 1900's. The goal of this project like all of the projects is to preserve and share these family treasures. This phase is complete and was a great start to restoration of all of the family photos. A disk was compiled and distributed to each of the family members.

The Kaisler Family Photos - Phase II
This phase focused on restoration of Julie's and her siblings photos. The response was excellent. We received a set of photos from Mary, Julie, Kathy and Mandy. This was a very large effort and again involved primarily the use of the Epson Scanner with the photo feeder. This went on much of 2007. We have tried to concentrate in the 60's and 70's as that is where we have the largest gaps. The work on phase II is underway. Later in the year, we will start looking for photos from the 80's, 90's and 00's. The biggest challenge was that we had to battle with some of the "peel and stick" albums. The challenge was two-fold. First, getting the photos out of the album's was a delicate and time-consuming effort. Second, these photos all needed varying degrees of fixing as the acetate in the sticky albums really faded this photos. The good news is they looked so much better after processing.
Our Family Photos - Phase I
In early 2008, I completed digiiizing all of the photos from our collection that were still in paper form. This spanned a period from 1995 to 2002. In 2001 we bought a video camera and by 2003 we were only shooting digital or video. During this phase I also went through and preserved the photos from my collection back into college (1985-1995). It was nice to go through all these pictures and preserve those memories. This was completed just prior to our big push to pack for moving in 2008.
Our Family Video - Phase I
In early 2010, I was determined to pull digitize all of our DV tapes from the camcorder into digital files and store them on a hard drive. I was growing concerned that video camera had only a limited lifespan as it was now approaching nine years old and had a track record of breaking down on a few occassions. This was further fueled by a colleuge at work who was going through the same process. It was helpful that disk space had come down and the project, which was once a dream was now feasible. I also like the idea of protecting everything in case of fire or theft with a mirror drive off-site. A by-product of this process is that I was able to supplement some events that had light or no photo coverage. This was particularly true in the years 2001 - 2004 before we got a digital camera in addition to the camcorder. This capture portion of this project will be completed by Spring 2010 and the photo grab from the video should be done later that year.
Future Resotoration Phases
This process is likely never to end and I have sort of become a family historian at least in the sense of photo and video preservation. In the near term, the most likely projects will likely require revving up the Epson Perfection photo loader scanner. One project will likely to scan in some of the "non-people" photos from my parents from some of the memorable trips that we had growing up. This will complement the part of our site that focuses on travel. I have the books, I just need the time to extract the photos from the albums and process them through the scanner. I will probably also focus in on completing the restoration of photos from Julie's siblings. We scanned thousands, but gaps remain and not all have participated yet. Another easy project may involve simply collecting digital files from family for things that have happened recently now that we have all entered the "digital age". In the future, I see a lifetime of reaching out and trying to gather photos from extended family while the meaning and memories of the photos are still available.
Past Family Photos 1990's 1980's 1970's 1960's 1950's 1940's and Before
Photo Preservation Statistics
Photos Preserved by Source
15680 Total Photos Preserved and Digitized
7224 Total Photos Preserved from Tom and Sue
1496 Total Photos Preserved from Ed and Dorris
1367 Total Photos Preserved from Kathy
808 Total Photos Preserved from Mary
771 Total Photos Preserved from Julie
467 Total Photos Preserved from Mandy
992 Total Photos Preserved from Chris
2555 Total Photos Preserved from Chris and Julie
Photos Preserved by Source Type (Paper Photo, Slide, Video Edit, Negative, etc.)
13835 Total Paper Photos Preserved 
1730 Total Slides Converted & Preserved
115 Total Video Images Captured and Converted
Photos Preserved by Time Period
154 Total Photos Preserved Pre-1950
576 Total Photos Preserved 1950-1959
1033 Total Photos Preserved 1960-1969
3410 Total Photos Preserved 1970-1979
2871 Total Photos Preserved 1980-1989
5368 Total Photos Preserved 1990-1999
2268 Total Photos Preserved 2000-2009
Photo Images Shot with Digital Camera
21316 Total Images shot with the still camera or digital files provided by friends and family (2002 - March 2010)
36,996 Grand Total of all images stored in our archive library
DV Video Captured from tape and preserved on Hard Drive
Total DV video captured and stored on a hard drive 33 Hours 23 Minutes 35 Seconds
Past Family Photos 1990's 1980's 1970's 1960's 1950's 1940's and Before