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Pets are a very important parts of our lives.  Currently we have three wonderful yet very different dogs.  Gershwin is the oldest dog and he is also the leader of the pack.  Gershwin is a Sheltie/Husky mix and is very vocal when he want something or wants attention.  Lindsey is our second oldest dog, and she is our gentle giant.  Lindsey is female Labrador retriever.  Her favorite activities include eating, sleeping, eating, walks and eating again.  Our youngest dog is Ally.  She is a free-spirited dog who is very bright.  She knows how to find trouble and will locate and consume food left on the counter within 2 seconds after a human has turned their back.  

We enjoy taking our dogs for walks around Sunset Lake, which is near our house.  In the summer, we take the dogs in our convertible to view the beautiful Minnesota scenery.  Lindsey and Ally love convertible rides, Gershwin prefers the van. Sometimes we take our dogs with us on vacation.  This is a lot of fun, although sometimes it causes us to have less then desirous hotel accommodations.  

Since the arrival of Madeleine each dog has dealt with the major change in a different way. For the most part this transition has been fairly smooth and to varying degrees the dogs have accepted Maddy. At first Gershwin and Maddy sort of butted heads, but our fearless leader has shown his true colors and now is very good with Madeleine and allows her to pet and lay her head on his back. This of course is very cute. Ally is still a little nervous around Maddy and barks too much, but over time this has even improved. The most surprising of the bunch is Lindsey. Based on everything that I had read, I was expecting our lab to be a nana-type. As it turns out Lindsey mostly ignores Maddy and runs away when she is "bothered" by the little angel. Overall they have accepted her into the pack and particularly like the new food distribution options. The dogs lovingly refer to the high Chair as the Snack Bar!

To learn more about each of our dogs click on their dog bone.  

My name is Gershwin and I am in charge
of this house
My name is Lindsey and I love any kind
of treat
My name is Ally and I love mischief, some
people think I am Loki
Barn Bluff - 1996 Family Christmas - 1998
Duluth 2002
Barn Bluff Revised - 2005
Maddy, Mommy and Gershwin Maddy Gets Up Close and Personal with Ally
Lindsey prefers to ignore the new little agent of chaos
Traffic Jam